Success Stories

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"Deb is amazing - I researched until I found someone with a serious depth of experience with training and also with nutrition knowledge and Deb shines in both categories. I have lost weight that just would not budge before Training with her has made me stronger in my 60s than I was in my 20s! She is a great listener and an outstanding motivator and has a great sense of humor! I wholeheartedly recommend Deb no matter what your goals are. She'll help you reach them!"


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Deborah is a great trainer and motivator. Before working with her I knew I had bad habits. After her personal fitness training and nutrition counseling, I had all the tools I needed to break them. Deborah taught me how to eat more nutritionally-fulfilling foods and gave me a much-needed foundation for dynamic workouts that supplement my running. I would recommend Deb to anyone who needs a jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle.


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After trying many different personal trainers I gave up exercising all together. Each time, I was dissapointed in their lack of knowledge and their ego trips. I told them I had bad knees and could not do lunges or squats...and believe it or not...that was the first thing they had me do. Then I met Deborah. I have been working with Deborah for 8 years and her gentle, yet effective approach has resulted in my increased strength and healthier lifestyle. Deborah goes at MY speed, not hers, and her awesome sense of humor and down-to-earth attitude has kept me a client for this long...3 days a week...for 8 years. Give yourself the ultimate gift...and hire Deborah to get you in shape...the RIGHT way.


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I feel great! Before Deb, I’d been on so many diets. What she taught me was truly life changing. When I started working with her my blood sugar was up to 200, but within four weeks I got my diabetes under control and my numbers down to 89… promising signs that I might be able to get off my medications! I’ve lost so much weight that at my last doctor’s visit, all the nurses wanted to know my secret and I was more than delighted to share my Deborah experience.


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I love Deb! She is super positive and extremely encouraging and I really look forward to seeing her every week. Deb not only keeps me on track physically, but gives me great advice about my eating habits and food choices, balances it all with tons of smart shopping tips. Training with Deb is a like getting a physical fitness, food education and therapy session all rolled into one.


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Like lots of people, my New Year’s resolution was to get healthier. I joined the West Loop Athletic Club and took advantage of its introductory personal training offer. From our first meet, I knew I wanted to work with Deb. I loved her outlook on training and nutrition and her amazing enthusiasm. She’s taught me so much about food and clean eating and the education doesn’t stop. She continually makes suggestions so I don’t get bored with the foods I eat. And, because I travel a lot for work, she’s taught me how to stay on track - even at restaurants. In the gym, she challenges me to do things I never would have attempted on my own or thought I’d be capable of and it feels amazing. I’m proud to say that within the first 6 months of working with Deb I lost 25 pounds and 17 ¼ inches. I couldn’t have done it without her! I have more work to do but with Deb in my corner I know I’ll achieve my goals and when I do, I’m not sure who will be prouder – me or Deb. It’s a real motivator working with someone who cares so deeply and celebrates my success as much as I do. That kind of support is priceless.


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For years, my wife tried to get me to workout but I’d joined enough gyms to know that I’d be a dues-paying, no-show in no time. Then my wife starting training with Deb and couldn’t stop raving about her – that and, well, the results were undeniable, so I decided to give Deb a shot. From the get-go, I was hooked. Deb is absolutely amazing! I came to her with a bum shoulder and bad knees and was on blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol meds. In no time she had me doing squats, planks and burpees – all while she counseled me on how to further improve my health by eating better. Six months later, I’m still at it. I’ve lost three inches around my waste and have built up my chest, shoulders, arms and legs to the point where I don’t care to build more muscle. But more importantly, I’m pain-free and my doctor reduced my meds by half. Now my goal is to get entirely off the meds and with Deb in my corner, I’m confident I can do it.