$150/per hour

I come to your home and we have a nutrition session that involves educating you on the correct way of eating for YOUR body. This is not a diet, it is learning about food as fuel and how to fuel YOUR body correctly during the day. Then we will create a food plan that you will follow for 2 weeks, based on foods you like and foods that fit into your lifestyle. The plan and the foods will get you to reach your health and fitness goals.

During the 2 weeks I encourage you to email me every day with your food logs. This way I can be right with you each step making sure that you feel good and that you are staying on the right path. If you have any questions or concerns, I will be right there to answer your questions and help you with any snags!!! After the 2 weeks, my clients go on a grocery shopping trip with me at their preferred grocery store. At this point, you will "get" how to eat correctly and will be able to incorporate a ton of new exciting healthy foods into your plan.

The first session usually lasts 2 hours and the shopping can be between 1-2 hours. All the emails/texts/phone calls are included in the price for the 2 weeks. I offer an extension plan for clients who would like to continue doing daily food logs with me past the 2 weeks. Certain clients are not ready to continue on their own, just yet, and need a week or two of more accountability and suggestions/advice/communication.

Additional services

Hassle-free Get-Started Grocery Shopping

Let me shop for you!!!

At our first nutrition session, I will be writing you a grocery list for the foods you need to get started and where to buy them.

If you hate grocery shopping, feel anxiety about finding the food in the stores, don’t have time to go the store or just prefer that I do your shopping and bring the groceries to your door, this is for you!!!

We will set up a time when you will be home and I will show up with your groceries. This also allows you to start the new eating plan without having to wait to find the time to grocery shop.

$150/per hour

Food Print for Life Extension Plan

If you feel that the food log emails with me are helping you to stay on track, keeping you accountable and that you would still like the feedback/suggestions and advice, you can start the extension plan.

Here is how it works:

1 week of food logs - $75

2 weeks of food logs - $140

3 weeks of food logs - $195

4 weeks of food logs - $240